Web Hosting

Unlimited server space. Incredible bandwidth. Unbelievable speeds.

Web Design

Functional designs with your end user in mind.


You dream it, we can design it.


Need 3D characters for your project? We do that too!


Customer Focused Designs. Seamless Functionality.

Get the design that matches your project’s heart and soul with the functionality that meets your business needs.

A few things we’re great at…

Custom solutions to fit all your needs.

Web Hosting

No site is too big or too small for us. Just let  us know what you need.

File Management

Need a solution for your data? We have answers. 

Cloud Solutions

It’s important to have your project available 24/7. Everything we do is on the Nerd Things Cloud with a 99.99% uptime.

Media Storage

Yep. We do that too. Scalable solutions  for your business.

3D Solutions

Need 3D animations or characters? We can help. Our team has an array of 3D services available for you.


We can help you with all your digital design needs. 

Client focused

One of the things we do best

We listen. We listen until you finish talking. We don’t start trying to push our favorite items to the forefront. We listen to you, we hear what you say, we understand your goals. Only then can we provide you with the solution that you are looking for. Don’t settle for cookie cutter solutions. We know that sounds weird. Nobody actually listens anymore. But we do. And we will. Only when we understand you and your goals can we provide the right solution.


A Deeper Solution

We’re flexible. Need your solution to speak ASP.NET. We can do that. Need to analyze data with 3D visualizations? We can do that. Need a WordPress site to showcase your baked goods? Yep, we can do that. And when you are ready to grow, we can help you do that too.

Don’t just share your stories about cupcakes and muffins. Set up a crowd sourced service to get delicious baked goods to elderly shut-ins twice a week and handle all the scheduling and volunteer management right on your site. Could you change a life?

Don’t just look at Excel charts. Pull your data into the Unity Engine and watch your data move in real time. Could you learn something that could revolutionize how you do business?

Your business runs on MySql and Java, but your largest vendor only speaks .NET. Can you get better pricing by talking directly to their backend?