In 2014, the Nerds were approached by a local printing company to revamp their website. The printers wanted to expand their on-line presence by offering the ability for customers to upload photos and order canvas prints. The problem is that while there were a lot of ecommerce “plug-ins” for websites to sell coffee mugs, or books, or electronics, none of those solutions would allow the user to upload custom content, manipulate it, add features to it, and then allow the user to place an order. A custom solution was required.

Our Role
  • Logo Design
  • Site Design
  • Color Palette and Design
  • Custom Built Wizard
  • Hand-coded Java
  • All Custom Graphics
  • Photography for Images
  • Hand Built e-commerce
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LUSH is the premier LGBTQ space of Minneapolis, MN offering food, drink, entertainment and more. LUSH came to us needing a custom solution to display and sell their events on a mobile-friendly, modern website, with the customer experience being a top priority. 

At the time, LUSH was undergoing a remodel and was ready for a brand refresh. We were able to help them with all their online presence needs. 

Our Role
  • Custom Calendar
    • Event Booking
    • Easily viewable events 
  • Site Design
  • Color Palette and Design
  • Custom Online Ticketing
  • Social Media Guidance
  • All Custom Graphics
  • 100% Mobile Friendly Site
  • Custom Code
  • Logo Refresh
  • Marketing Videos
  •  Suggested Events/Upsells
  • Integrated Mailing List Solution
  • SEO ranking and visibility
  • Custom back-end report solution for will-call ticketing.
  • Microsoft Office & Mail
  • Site Hosting
  • Site traffic increase of over 300% per month.
  • All event bookings are done online, freeing up staff. Increasing employee efficiency. 
  • Fewer calls to business about upcoming events, customers are able to find all needed information online.
  • Customers are able to use the mobile site from all devices. 
  • Increased return on e-mail marketing from actively engaged customers. 

Appear Clear Window Cleaning has been a client since 2013 and is a great example of a small part-time side business that just needed a simple and inexpensive solution for its online presence. 

Their site was originally designed in a software called “DNN” and has recently been upgraded to WordPress on our new servers. 

Our Role
  • Design Simple Site
  • Host Site
  • Logo Design
  • Color Palette Design

Other Web Projects

We respect the privacy of our clients! Not everything that we have created can be shown in this portfolio. Here are a few of the other projects we have worked on:

Other Things We Have Done

  • SEO Optimization 
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Data Storage
  • Microsoft Email & Office
  • Social Networking Site
  • Customer Portals
  • Custom WordPress Themes
  • Custom WordPress Plug-ins
  • Custom Billing & Payment Gateways
  • Membership Management